Who’s the Wild Animal Group in Ok-Drama The Heavenly Idol?

Who’s the Wild Animal Group in Ok-Drama The Heavenly Idol?


Who’re the associates of Wild Animal which is an unknown boy band within the Ok-Drama ‘The Heavenly Idol’?


Korean drama fanatics, of program, are acquainted with the title ‘The Heavenly Idol’ which in the intervening time proceeds each Thursday and Friday.

Present all through 12 episodes, this drama will highlight the story of a big priest who was transported to at least one extra earth and trapped within the physique of a good-looking, much less properly-recognised individual.

At 1st, Rembrary (performed by Kim Min-Kyu) lived peacefully in his hometown and was regarded to have the most important electrical energy in heritage.

Sadly, while he was combating the demons, Rembrary was transported to a unique globe.

Factors remodeled when he awakened within the get together place and was now within the system of a member of an idol staff recognized as Wild Animal.

To make points worse, Wild Animal is pinning their hopes on the occasion resulting from their deficiency of notice-grabbing performances.

The staff, which has been collectively for 3 many years, is in threat of disbanding as a result of it’s not making a earnings. Nonetheless, 9 a number of hours later, Rembrary was as an alternative positioned on stage with Wild Animal for a keep effectivity at a broadcasting station.

All of this triggered the customers of Wild Animal to think about their toll. They skilled to decide on a big probability, as a result of truth of the trade of souls in between Woo Yeon-woo and Rembary.

So, who’re the members of Wild Animal?

Choi Jung-website positioning

Who’s the Wild Animal Group in Ok-Drama The Heavenly Idol?
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The range-hearted and difficult-functioning chief of Wild Animal, is Choi Jung-web optimization. His character is carried out by Hong Seung-bum who carried out within the drama ‘My Peculiar Hero’ in 2018.

In ‘The Heavenly Idol’, he is among the workers who’s extremely attentive to his staff mates. Prepared to use extra time, Jung-search engine advertising and marketing tries robust to make it by way of this idol staff.

Hwang Tae In

wild animal in the heavenly idol 2
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Carried out by Shin Myung-sung, he’s the gifted principal vocalist of Wild Animal. Tae-in strongly rejects Woo Yeon-woo’s want to flip into an actor. As a final result, this led to frequent bickering in between the 2 idols.


wild animal in the heavenly idol 1
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If this one is a member of vocalist Wild Animal who’s hooked on social media. Even so, he not typically will get discover from most of the people.

Because of his habit to reside broadcasts and publishing selfies, Cash unintentionally performs a important position in creating their group – particularly Yeon-woo well-known. In the meantime, Choi Jae-hyun performs the character Cashy in ‘The Heavenly Idol’.

Cha Hae-gyeol

wild animal in the heavenly idol 3
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There’s a blonde haired member of the group who can be the youngest member and the first dancer of Wild Animal, Cha Hae-gyeol.

His persona may be very eccentric and unpredictable. He even created Rembary function for his income. The character Hae-gyeol is performed by Shin Kyu-hyun, who has carried out within the mini drama ‘Cramped Love’.

Woo Yeon-woo

wild animal in the heavenly idol 5
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Lastly, after all there’s Woo Yeon-woo who’s probably the most cussed member in Wild Animal. His wish to develop to be an actor probably constructed him hated by a number of women and men. Even so, he has legit supporters who’re prepared to assist him in any predicament!

For Cilers who’re curious concerning the steps of Wild Animal associates, simply take a look at ‘The Heavenly Idol’ on the streaming firm Viu or Vidio!